ALINE at royal stables Hannover 1888/2020
ALINE at royal stables Hannover 1888/2020
ALINE at royal stables Hannover 1888/2020
ALINE at royal stables Hannover 1888/2020
Roomtool – moin action-chairs
Roomtool - moin action-chairs
CONFAIR, client Wilkhahn
CONFAIR, client Wilkhahn
designed 1993, truly mobile
designed 1993, in motion
Confair folding table
Confair folding table, celebrating twenty-five year anniversary
thank you Gärtner Möbel, Hamburg
thank you Gärtner Möbel, Hamburg
action: spontaneous conferencing furniture for ROOMTOOL
conferencing furniture for ROOMTOOL
ALINE client Wilkhahn
ALINE client Wilkhahn
ALINE Östre Garvärk
ALINE, at Østre Gasvärk Theatre in Copenhagen 2019
ALINE Swivelchair
ALINE swivel chair
Aline dining
ALINE dining


CONFAIR folding table, client Wilkhahn

single table...

...and system

ALINE, client Wilkhahn

ALINE, first Sketch

ALINE mini-models, scale 1:6

...and later reality

ALINE early sketch

ALINE truly stacks

ALINE drawings

ALINE rectangular tables, client Wilkhahn, cantina ...

... & home

ALINE high stacking table


ALINE swivelchair, client Wilkhahn

at work 2005

ALINE essence

ALINE-S, & bistro tables

...easy repairable, heavy duty


Logon, classic conferencing, client Wilkhahn

LOGON at it's best

TIMETABLE, client Wilkhahn

TIMETABLE, flipping...

...stacking smoothly

flexible conferencing

fast and easy

TIMETABLE SHIFT, client Wilkhahn

TIMETABLE SMART, client Wilkhahn

TIMETABLE LIFT, client Wilkhahn



for presentation and projection

M'OVO, client Lapalma

HAPPYHOUR, client BeB Italia

RONDO table, client BeB Italia

VOLO prototype, client Lammhults

MAX, client Wilkhahn

MAX, meeting

MAX, 3 leg sizes


stackable swivel-chair for ROOMTOOL


stackable tables for ROOMTOOL

moin! - privacy screen

nesting stool for ROOMTOOL


We are very pleased to announce that we have transferred our entire ROOMTOOL portfolio to HOWE a/s in Odense, DK for production and distribution worldwide.