Roomtool – moin Action-Chairs
Roomtool - moin Action-Chairs
CONFAIR, client Wilkhahn
CONFAIR, client Wilkhahn
designed 1993, truly mobile
designed 1993, in motion
Confair folding table
Confair folding table, celebrating twenty-five year anniversary
thank you Gärtner Möbel, Hamburg
thank you Gärtner Möbel, Hamburg
action: spontaneous conferencing furniture for ROOMTOOL
conferencing furniture for ROOMTOOL
ALINE client Wilkhahn
ALINE client Wilkhahn
ALINE Östre Garvärk
ALINE, at Østre Gasvärk Theatre in Copenhagen 2019
ALINE Swivelchair
ALINE swivel chair
Aline dining
ALINE dining


Thank you for letting us use your pictures:

Wilkhahn, BeB Italia, Holger Thoss (Confair, truly mobile) and Louise Stickland, courtesy Kinesys’ (Aline, Östra Gasvärk Theatre in Copenhagen)

Thank you to my model-makers! Jürgen and Filippo, with your dedicated input, all these products have become incomparable.